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Nancy Chandler's
Map of Bangkok

26th edition
ISBN 9786169046233
Updated August 2012
Index August 2012
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About Nancy Chandler's Map of Bangkok
Described by guidebooks and travel writers as "the best tourist map of Bangkok", "an indispensable guide" and "the very best resource", Nancy Chandler's colorful Map of Bangkok includes intricately detailed area maps of Central Bangkok, Greater Bangkok, the Central Shopping Area, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Chinatown, the backpacker's haven of Khao San and expatriate haven of Sukhumvit. The map is accompanied by an 96 page pocket-size directory/guide allowing visitors to personalize their stay, with extensive vegetarian listings, special sights and shops for kids, yoga studios, sports bars, cooking classes, rare book shops, and much more often overlooked by other guides. Listings come with contact details and operating hours as appropriate. Short stay visitors are offered recommendations for one-stop shopping and guides to major malls. For expatriates, Nancy Chandler’s map is the essential lifestyle guide for everything that they would need to help them adjust into their new home such as the locations of local fresh food and organic produce markets, costume rental shops, Thai language schools and even where to play ice hockey!

Note: Print on the map is much more legible than in the images on this page, we promise!

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KLCC Kinokuniya
Selected Popular Bookstores

Prologue, ION Orchard
Select Books
Changi Intl Airport's Dufry




Central Shopping Area
CentralWorld: Asia Books, B2S
Gaysorn: Bookazine
Siam Paragon: Asia Books, Kinokuniya

Khao San
Khao San: Moonlight, Shaman
Phra Athit: Taekee Taekon
Rambuttri: Sara Ban

Lang Suan/Wireless
Asia Books, All Seasons Place
Villa Market, Lang Suan

Old Bangkok
Phra Sumen: Old Bangkok Inn
Na Phra Lan: National Museum
Maharat: River Books, Rub Ar Roon Cafe, Museum of Siam

Mandarin Oriental, Royal Orchid Sheraton, Shangri-La

Soi 2: Villa Market, Ploenchit Ctr
Sois 4-6: Asia Books, Landmark Hotel
Soi 11: Villa Market
Sois 15-17: Asia Books
Soi 24: Asia Books and Kinokuniya, Emporium
Sois 26-28: Dasa Books
Soi 33/1: Villa Market
Soi 49: Villa Market; Bookazine, Samitivej Hospital

Villa Market, Chaeng Wattana
Villa Market, Nichada Thani

See the Chiang Mai Map page.

"Oft-imitated and never equalled ...contains a whole host of information"
~ Lonely Planet Thailand

"Essential ... the best tourist map of Bangkok for over a decade ... the quickest way to orient yourself ... highly recommended for all visitors to Bangkok"
~ Moon Travel Handbooks Thailand

"Enthusiastically recommended " ~ Frommer's Thailand

"The best map" ~ The Telegraph / Travel Section

"Possibly the most creative maps ever to be produced, Nancy Chandler's hand-lettered maps encapsulate the colour and the chaos of Thai cities." ~ Lifestyle & Travel's City Slicker Guide: Bangkok

"Reveals all the treasure sites" ~ TheTrip.com

"An essential part of the traveler's kit" ~ Bangkok Post

"A must-have accessory" ~ The Sunday Mail, Brisbane

"Ideal for shopping" ~ Travel + Leisure

"The best guidebook in town" ~ Sunday Times, London

"A veritable shopper's compass" ~ Sydney Morning Herald

"Excellent ... imaginative and colorful ... an invaluable resource for Bangkok residents and visitors for years" ~ Look East

"An indispensable guide.. one of 10 amazing ways to take in Thailand"
~ Thai Airways International's Sawasdee Magazine

"An insider's guide ...The best guide to the city, providing useful, fun and downright quirky recommendations of things to see, do, buy and eat in Bangkok ... essential for finding what you want" ~ TIME Asia Magazine: Shortcuts: Bangkok

"Discover hundreds of details on the markets, transportation routes, facilities and attractions ... lists the best" ~ Transitions Abroad magazine

"An indispensible aid to getting the best of Bangkok." ~ Bangkok Metro Magazine

"Worth investing in" ~ Business Traveller

"A wonderful platform from which to explore the city"
~ Bangkok Guide, Australian-New Zealand Women's Group

"For a smooth stay, buy a copy of the Nancy Chandler map"
~ Hemispheres Magazine, United Airlines

“An excellent shopping companion” ~ The Globe and Mail, Canada

"Simply the best map, no question about it. For the best all round guide to everything in Bangkok, you can't do better than Nancy Chandler's colourful map." ~ www.bangkokbob.net

“Bangkok’s best map for finding cool stuff." ~ FARANG Magazine (Untamed Travel)

“Buying a shopping map is very useful in order to get the most out of shopping in Bangkok ... the Nancy Chandler map is actually very useful and probably the best” ~ www.into-asia.com.

“Expert advice... No other map comes close” ~ Acclimate

“Like having your own personal guide” ~ Lonely Planet Bangkok City Guide

“A great detailed map of Chatuchak market... brilliantly informative.” ~ Brisbane Times

“(Chatuchak Market) can be a bit overwhelming at first... Nancy Chandler’s famous map comes in invaluable.” ~ Bangkok 101

“If you want to be sure of finding the nicest places in Bangkok, go traveling with Nancy Chandler’s funny, illustrated city map. Nearly 90 pages of addresses which you don’t see in other travel guides”. ~ Living Magazine (Dutch)

"Masterful...Hand-drawn and chockfull of everything a visitor could ever want to know... (including) an absolutely indispensible lane by lane guide to the Chatuchak weekend market." ~ HK Magazine

"Chandler has distilled this crazy, chaotic place so beautifully on paper. This map... dusts away the cobwebs from gems that would otherwise be doomed to redundancy by the city that rises up around the new." ~ Silver Kris
Customer Comments

“Buy a Nancy Chandler map. It's like carrying around a Thai friend in your pocket.”~ Mitzi Li (posted on the New York Times Travel Guide to Bangkok website)

“I just wanted to give you some feedback on how great your Bangkok Map is. I bought it some years ago and it helped me a lot. I would have never entered an express boat or klong taxi without your initial info. Also shopping is great with your map.”~ Markus Rosch

"I am loving using Nancy Chandler's map. It has led us to lots of places we would otherwise not have come across." ~ Emily MacPherson

“It allowed us to explore exactly what most travelers want to see, exciting and curious places to visit and experience.” ~ Mary McDonnell

“It made a world of difference in our appreciation of Bangkok, with just the kind of secret places and tips we love.” ~ Jim Johnston

“Another winner, I should be so lucky to have such a map for every city I visit.” ~ Diana Littlefeather

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“Such a helpful, informative and useful aid to navigating the wonders of Bangkok.”~ Sue & Maurice Barnwell

“Don’t go anywhere without it.” ~ Deborah Thick

“We want to thank you for your delightful advice for the life in Bangkok!” ~ Roman Straub

“I enjoyed my stay in Bangkok using your very informative map.”~ Olivia De Leon

“Thanks for putting out this wonderful resource for visitors to Bangkok!” ~ Shen Tan

“… we always buy your maps. They are fantastic, very informative and easy to use. I could not imagine getting around Bangkok without it.” ~ Sharon Cohrs

Thanks for your maps! You have made shopping in Bangkok for my family and I a much easier experience…especially Chatuchak!” ~ Patrice Valerie

“It’s our go-to guide for Bangkok.” ~ Helen Mastache

“Nancy Chandler’s map has been very helpful and I really love it especially because it caters to me - a shopaholic!” ~ Lena Chan

“It helped me plan before I got to BKK and when I was there all her details and descriptions came alive.” ~ Bryceton Danico

“Your maps are a BIG hit for all our guests,thank you for all the time and effort you put into your maps.” ~ Joey Tulyanond, Old Bangkok Inn

“Great for exploring new parts of town and thoughtful welcome gifts for friends visiting from overseas.” ~ Jeff T

“Thank you for a super map… I found a lot of new information.” ~ Elisabeth Corneliussen

“Both the map and index book have taken the confusion out of a complicated city layout. It has been an indispensible piece of paper- excellent.” ~ S. Bates

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“I picked up a copy of your map and was very impressed with the original way in which you portray the areas in Bangkok and also the style of the content of what you feature.” ~ David Stewart

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“One of a kind.” ~ Helen Novatscou

“Your Bangkok map made us more savvy travelers and shoppers. Thank you.” ~ Nadia Generationtee

Insightful” ~ Butterfield & Robinson (Travel Specialists)

I have been going to Bangkok for 6 years and never enjoyed it until I used Nancy’s map to get around! I also give her map to all of the new volunteers at Thai Freedom House (www.thaifreedomhouse.org), the free school for Burmese refugees and Indigenous people that I run here in the middle of Chiang Mai.” ~ Lisa M. Nesser

“Your map helps a lot. It is really the best I have ever seen” ~ Marco Huenermann

“I found it so good that I sent the name to a lot of our friends in Thailand and Sweden.” ~ Richard Lindquist

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"The best guide to the city"
TIME Asia Magazine
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“It allowed us to explore exactly what most travelers want to see, exciting and curious places to visit and experience.”
Mary McDonnell
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Riverside Area

Central Shopping Area

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