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Nancy Chandler's
Map of Bangkok

26th edition
ISBN 9786169046233
Updated August 2012
Index August 2012
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New edition in production. Release expected October 2014.
Nancy Chandler's
Map of Chiang Mai NEW!

20th Edition
ISBN 9786169046257
Updated March 2014
Index March 2014
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About Nancy Chandler's Maps
Nancy's colorful maps are detailed guides to all there is to see and do in each city, particularly in the top shopping areas, for which she includes lane-by-lane map insets. Unique listings make it possible to personalize your experience of each city. In the directories accompanying both maps you'll find brew pubs, bowling alleys and polo clubs, cinemas, spas, health food and vegetarian listings, and specials for the 'Sweet Tooth'. On both maps, Nancy also includes mention of shops supporting good causes, private galleries and museums open by appointment only, things to do with children, cooking courses, hobby shops, massage, meditation and Thai language schools, and much, much more. For more details, more reviews and a preview of the maps, visit Nancy Chandler's Map of Bangkok or Chiang Mai pages.


"Mapping treasures"
~ Thai Airways International's Sawasdee Magazine

"Fun, colorful market shopping maps packed with useful information, addresses and local secrets acquired from years of experience"
~ Travel Scene, Tourism Authority of Thailand magazine

"So orginal and appealing ...informative and colorful"
~ The Nation Newspaper

"Essential tools on any visit to Thailand ... Nancy has gone down every alley in Bangkok and Chiang Mai to give readers an accurate and fascinating picture of what's available there"
~ Enterprising Women

"Among the best available maps"
~ Moon Travel Handbook's Thailand

"The very best resources"
~ Yahoo! Internet Life, Greetings from the Super-Thai Way

"Two 'must buy' resources ... Chandler's maps will quickly become your best travel companions ... authoritative and fun ... For nearly two decades, these annually revised maps have provided invaluable guidance to Thailand's best shops, restaurants, hotels and sightseeing. Jam-packed with lots of practical information. Don't venture into the streets of Bangkok and Chiang Mai without these fabulous resources"
~ Treasures and Pleasures of Thailand

“If you are traveling to Bangkok or Chiang Mai, these maps are a must!” ~ www.destinationunknownjournals.com

"Uniquely personal"
~ Bangkok Metro Magazine

“For more than thirty years, tourists have relied on Nancy Chandler’s maps maps to discover what’s curious and useful in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.” ~ Guide to Khaosan Road and Old Bangkok on www.suite101.com

“Excellent. They act as both a map and guidebook, and are jam packed with good info, and interesting sights.” ~ Wedding Day Thailand Special Honeymoon Edition

“Thanks so much for your wonderful maps/guides.” ~ Hoosen Kolia

“They are outstanding and made my trip much easier and more enjoyable.” ~ Jennifer Beasley
Customer Comments

"Kop khum mak krup for all your great work on your most wonderful maps. I recommend them at every opportunity - your work is so very unique and special and opens up whole worlds in Bangkok and Chiang Mai that would simply be otherwise unknown to the uninitiated."~ Ronald MacIntosh

"We've used your Bangkok and Chiang Mai maps, and we've used our Bangkok map so much we're on our second one!"~ Jacqueline Grawburg

“We just returned from Thailand and found your maps very useful and the restaurants that you recommended were very good.” ~ David Fawcett

“Thanks again, your maps have been invaluable. I've gotten more out of them than a stack of travel books!”~ Sherry Grant

“For tourists on their own it’s hard to imagine a better map than yours. Your mapsmade it easy to wander, and then quickly find out where we had wandered to!” ~ – Robert Stern

“I would like to thank you for making such a useful (and beautiful) map of Chiang Mai (and of Bangkok too). It has enriched my life here and is now the only guide I use to the city.” ~ Dafydd

“Your maps are a fantastic relief and change from the usual sterile, sponsored map… I found it to be invaluable (and enjoyable to use).”~ Barry Fenning

“Your maps continue to be the single best source for information.” ~ Lisa Leiden

“I recommend Nancy’s maps to everyone who spends any time in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. It is such a brilliant guide. More info than a guide book but much smaller and easier to carry.” ~ Kevin Corr

“I am a big fan of both your maps, returning every year to do the buying for my shop, your maps have made such a difference to my trips, thank you very much!” ~ Bella Martin

“The maps are excellent in content and the artwork is simply astonishing.” ~ Johanne Grosse

“Bravo for your maps! We enjoyed them both!” ~ Andre de Coulon

“I have been a big fan of your maps for many years since discovering them on vacation in 2003. What an amazing map! It has led me to many things I never would’ve known existed.” ~ Darcy Tucker

“Not only are they very user-friendly and helpful but also have the colorful layout really makes a huge difference and coincides with mental perception of Thailand.” ~ Vladimir Serganin

“I am a big fan of your maps. I have used them on all 3 of my trips to Thailand. I recommend them to everyone that notices me using them while traveling.” ~ Isa Eastland

“I spent a wonderful month in Bangkok and Chiang Mai with the help of both maps. I have shared them with many friends.” ~ Gloria Cooper

“Been using your maps for many years and they are the best!” ~ Sarah Hewat-Jaboor

“I get so excited to see what new things you have found for us.”~ Gale Martin Carson

“We can’t wait to visit Thailand and the maps make it all the more exciting Thanks for an excellent map!” ~ Michelle Warren

“I just returned from a wonderful month in Thailand which was made all the more fabulous by your maps of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. I loved using them and actually ditched my guide book at a certain point, enjoying the whimsy and straightforwardness of your map so much more.” ~ Sarah Lefton

“The maps were both wonderful companions and allowed us to see a side of Bangkok that has now convinced me that I simply must live there for some period of my life ... so the maps were perfect.” ~ Sona Rao

“Don’t go to Bangkok or Chiang Mai without them. I have found them to be accurate, fun, full of handy little tips and gems, and very very easy to follow.”~ Kevin Gallogly

“I just got back from my first trip to Thailand and want to thank you for your maps of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. They’re the absolute best. I would never have been able to see and experience as many things as I did if I hadn’t had them.” ~ Laural Wellman

“I love your maps. They are an indispensible help to me when I travel to Thailand! Thanks!” ~ Whitney Staed

“I could not have traveled without your maps of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Very user friendly and informative.” ~ Karyn Lasin

“Plenty of rich ideas, useful, nice patterns. My best gift to bring back to my friends to give them a good overview of Bangkok.” ~ Catherine Delannoy

“I’ve grown up with your maps and think you do a great job of giving expats the low down on things to do in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. “~ Naomi Bolderhey

“As a frequent traveler to Thailand, I have always found your maps the most useful tool in planning where to stay and how to get to the places I need to. It is your Chiang Mai & Bangkok maps that have proven to be so useful in saving me many hours of angst!” ~ Michelle Lewis

“Nancy’s phrasing is delightful and I really enjoyed all the extra little tips she included.”~ Becky Rendell

“Most useful and fun.” ~ Kim McGrail

“I bought your FABULOUS maps on my last trip to Thailand and found them to be absolutely amazing and funny!! … I find your maps hysterical but so readable and easy to follow.”~ Toni Tresadern

“Your maps were invaluable . . . We took the map everywhere and referred to it continually.” ~ Lynn Bud

“Your work made my experience a complete joy. I don't know how anyone could navigate these cities without them.” ~ Dan Wilson

“The Nancy Chandler maps have become my ‘bible’ while in Thailand.” ~ Gale Martin Carson

“We have just returned from Thailand where we found your maps to be a valuable resource. Thanks again for the valuable resources that you have made available." ~ Sue Hocker

“Your maps capture all of these interests of mine and additionally have the utility of a lot of useful information for finding my way around Bangkok and Chiang Mai. I sure don’t know where you can get all of that for so very few dollars. “ ~ Jerry Williams

“Once again, I can’t tell you how terrific your maps of Bangkok and Chiang Mai are. They’ve been of immense help to us even though we’ve been there a lot of times.”~ Mark Spiegel

“We were just delighted with your maps! We need Nancy Chandler in every city in the world!!!” ~ Darlinghurst Nurses

“I wanted to write and tell you how fabulous and invaluable your maps have been to me while travelling in Thailand.” ~ Liz Franklin

“I love to shop - which is why I love your maps! Keep up the great maps!” ~ Jess Inglis

“Kop khun mak krup for all your work and energy in producing and publishing such amazing maps, so full of useful info, tips and everything - you have helped so many tens of thousands of travelers and residents alike to have a much more enriching and adventure-filled Thai experience!, ”~ Ron McIntosh (Khun Supap)

“Thanks for your great maps!, ” ~ Jo Skinner

“We’ve just returned from our second trip to Thailand - wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun without your maps!”~ John Mathie

We love your maps!”~ Helen Bowen

Excellent and informative maps”~ Lee Burns

“My wife and I have been coming to Thailand for 30 years and using your wonderful, invaluable maps for almost as long! We have recommended your incredibly useful maps to countless friends over the years... Kop khun mak krup for all your work and energy in producing and publishing such amazing maps, so full of useful info, tips and everything - you have helped so many have a much more enriching and adventure-filled Thai experience!””~ Ron McIntosh

“I love your maps. Discovered them about 9 years ago... I promote them to anyone going to Thailand!”~ Fleur

“I received the maps today and they are really great!... Thank you very much and congratulations for the good work you do - the maps are very beautiful and useful!”~ Elen Rocha

“Love your maps - I’m an avid user and recommend them to my friends.”~ Glenn Ryan

"Two 'must buy' resources"
Treasures and Pleasures of Thailand
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“Thanks again, your maps have been invaluable. I've gotten more out of them than a stack of travel books!”
Sherry Grant
Read customer comments
For additions and changes not included in the current edition of each map, visit Nancy Chandler's Maps of Bangkok or Chiang Mai NEW! .
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